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Don’t pay $80 to $100 per hour at other Lice Removal Salons in the Twin Cities area.

Our Lice Removal Rates are only $59.95 per hour FOR A LIMITED TIME SPECIAL , plus we offer our Famous 90 Day Lice Free Guarantee.

Head Checks for Lice start at only $15.00 each.
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Our Experienced & Certified Slug Bug Lice Removal Staff have completed 1000’s of successful Lice Removals for Minnesota families using proven Methodical Non-Toxic Lice Removal Methods.  We look at every single strand of hair on your pretty head and remove all the live lice bugs and their itsy bitsy eggs.   When you walk out of  Slug Bug,  you will be lice free.  Backed with our Famous 90 Day Lice Free Guarantee.

Our Hourly Lice Removal Rates: $59.95 per hour.     The others……  $80-$100 per hour.  It’s not just a little savings,  it is a huge savings for your family.

Question: Why are Slug Bug Lice Removal Rates so low?

Answer:  Because we are the largest Lice Removal Salon in Minnesota & help so many families daily get rid of head lice we are able to offer the Lowest Lice Removal Rates in Minnesota.
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Our hourly rate of only $59.95 per hour buys you your very own Lice Removal Expert at Slug Bug Lice Removal Salon.

Slug Bug Lice Removal is the largest Lice Removal Salon in Minnesota.  Combined with having the lowest rates, a famous 90 Day Guarantee, and what we believe are the nicest most pleasant professionally trained staff in the world. You will see why we are the best choice.  We save families just like yours money every single day not just a little money, but a lot of money.

When you have had enough, and we’re sure you have,  book your appointment online or call us at 320-983-5423 for up to the minute appointment availability.   You’ll get your life back and we get to put another notch in our belts for helping another MN family be lice free.Book an Appointment

Expert Lice & Nit Removal in Minnesota.

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For up to the minute appointment openings   CALL: 320-983-5423 and schedule by phone.  Phone Scheduling is open Monday – Friday  8 am to 8 pm

You can leave our salon with a 90 Day Lice Free Guarantee when treated by one of our Slug Buggers.   We are that good at  removing headlice once and for all.   No Kidding.    All treatments vary in length of time depending on many factors including hair length, and thickness as well as the extent of the lice infestation.   Rest assured that when we are done, you will be lice free.

  Want to see more reasons why people drive from all over Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, & South Dakota & Iowa to come to our Lice Removal Salon in Milaca,  MN?

We are certified in a proven effective method of Lice Removal using Safe, Natural, and Non-Toxic methods that are  combined with a methodical strand by strand removal of lice and nits (eggs) from hair that ensure you leave our Slug Bug salon Lice and Nit Free.Book an Appointment

We provide Head Checks to determine if you do or don’t have evidence of head lice. We will show you the results we find. As always we hope that the head check comes up Lice Free.  But if you do happen to have evidence of lice,  don’t worry,  we will handle it.

Come to Slug Bug Lice Removal Salon and have us work our magic https://findviagra.com with Safe, Natural, & Non-Toxic Lice Removal products and removal methods that will ensure you will be lice and nit free.   We can even back our in salon treatments with our Famous 90 Day Slug Bug Lice Free Guarantee.   Book an Appointment

As a FREE BONUS with our in salon lice removal treatments, we will provide you with simple effective household cleaning tips that will make things much easier for you and put a smile back on your face.

While you are here being treated, we will answer all your questions, and help alleviate any concerns you may have.

If you have children, we will provide a Lice and Nit Free Guarantee Certificate so they may return to school or day care the same day if we perform a lice removal treatment.  We have what we feel is the best Kid Friendly Salon in the surrounding states. We have put a lot of thought and effort into providing an environment that both you and your children will enjoy. We have a play area set up for children to play; we offer snacks and beverages for your convenience. We also provide TV’s in each Slug Bug Ring so during the removal process you can enjoy your favorite show on Netflix.

We have strategically located our Slug Bug Salon in Milaca, Minnesota to ensure that our services are accessible to everyone in Minnesota, and the surrounding states.    >> Get Driving DirectionsBook an Appointment

We provide invoices that are medically coded so you can submit your invoice for reimbursement to your Health Savings Account (HSA), or Flexible Savings Account (FSA)  and or insurance.

While you are here, we will answer all your questions, provide professional friendly service, and take all the stress that you have been feeling and take that weight off your shoulders.

It all really boils down to the fact that we are here to help take a situation that you may have never been in before and make it EASY on you and your family.

We back all our services with our Famous 90 Day Slug Bug Lice Free Guarantee. The guarantee we provide is unmatched in the industry and only available at our Convenient Salon located in Milaca, MN.

Clients come to the Slug Bug Professional Lice Removal Salon from all over Minnesota and the surrounding states. We invite you to come in and see why many have driven hours to finally find the guaranteed solution to get rid of lice.

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Are you a  do it your-selfer?    Would you like to use the same NON -TOXIC  products that we use in our salon to get rid of lice?     Contact us and we can ship the exact same products we use right to your home or work.   Orders ship same day if ordered by 2 pm on Monday – Friday.    Call Now   320-983-5423 to order the right products and be on the way to being lice free.  Most Products are delivered in 48 Hours or less to your door.

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