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What Kills Head Lice

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What Kills Lice

Well one way would be to grab each one and squeeze it to death,  that would do it!

There are many different methods that can be found online that claim to kill lice.  Which ones work and which ones don’t is a completely different story.

Chances are if you are reading this right now you may very well be the one with lice to kill or you have a loved one with head lice.   I want to let you know right now that you can take a deep breath,  and relax a bit.  Although it may be a little gross, and it may seem like it’s the end of the world, I am here to tell you it is not, and everything will be ok if you follow a few simple steps.

3 Sure Fire Ways… NOT…. To Kill Head Lice

1:       You could cut off all the air supply to the lice.  This can be achieved by simply submerging your head under water for over two hours.  It takes over 2 hours of total submersion to kill head lice, however that will not stop the babies growing in all the lice eggs attached to your hair.   In a few short days… You guessed it, you have lice again.   By far not the best method and it sounds a bit dangerous and we do not recommend this unless you are a mermaid.
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2:       You can listen to all the internet home remedies and give them a try.  They all claim to kill head lice.  However, anyone including you could make up a remedy and post it online as a way to kill lice and I am sure someone will give it a try.  So do you really want to trust what some person living in a cave that has not showered for weeks and probably has the worst case of head lice the world has ever seen giving you advice on how to put all sorts of things in your hair that they claim to work?   Not me! I bet if you look hard enough online you will find one that says you need to stand on one foot for 10 minutes while singing happy birthday and patting your tummy.   Not Good,  Not Good at all.  Not how you kill lice.
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3:       If you really want to kill head lice,  you have to remove each and every bug that is crawling on the head and in the hair.  Then you toss them in a bucket of water and let them drown.  Like I said before, it will take over two hours of complete submersion to kill a lice bug.   The next step is you have to now remove every single nit (lice egg) that has been laid by the lice bug and you will find these attached to the hair shaft.  They are tiny tiny tiny and they are hard to see.   They are known to camouflage to an extent to match the hair color.   It is very difficult to find them all,  let alone remove them all.   If you miss one and it hatches,  guess what…. You got lice again.   Getting rid of head lice is very difficult and most people go around and around trying to get rid of lice and never win.

What to do when all else fails…….Follow This Simple Step.  Call, Click, & Book, and It’s Over

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