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What Color is Lice

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What Color is Lice

Well that is kind of a loaded question.  Lice can really be many colors however an adult bug is normally dark colored, but can kind of morph into and do a color change to blend in well with your hair.    The same goes for the color of the lice egg.  We have seen all kinds of colors of lice eggs.   So the answer to your question of What Color is Lice is that there is not a set color that lice will be.  Take a look around this website SLUGBUGLICEREMOVAL.COM to learn and see more.

If you have doubts whether or not you have lice,  book an appointment online with Slug Bug Lice Removal in Minnesota and have your head checked for lice or have the lice removed.  They will tell you what color your lice is.  They will even it show you what color lice is.

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