Minnesota 90 day lice free guarantee

Slug Bug Lice Removal Reviews

Best Place Ever, I am so happy I called you guys. Thanks for taking care of us. Jenni D. Fridley MN.

Best $120 I ever spent! Kevin R. St. Cloud, MN.

I spent less coming here than I spent taking all our stuff to the laundry mat. Thanks for helping our family. Amanda T. Duluth, MN.

Amazing place! I battled lice 15 years ago and was devastated when we found it again last night. I called Brandee right away and she got us in first thing this morning. We will be a lice free household in 24 hours thanks to the treatment and expert cleaning advice for home. So happy to have found Slug Bug Lice Removal. Kate S. White Bear Lake, MN

We had been to two other lice places before coming to Slug Bug. The last two companies could not get rid of it for us. Slug Bug did it and it was less than we had paid at other places. If we ever get lice again we will be back. Best Lice Removal Place in Minnesota for sure! Jason S. Coon Rapids, Mn.

I struggled for a month with nightly checks, treatments, laundry, and stress. It was awful! I just kept missing nits. I finally went to slug bugs and it was SO worth it! They went through their hair strand by strand to remove all the nits and gave a 60 day guarantee. They gave us a ton of info and let us know how to treat the house. Best choice I ever made and I will never try to do it on my own again. Kim N. Maple Grove, MN

I’m so greatfull this place exisists!!! They got the kids and me in right away. Cleared me and cleaned up the kids really good! They are all so friendly and personable, thank you Brandy and the lice ladies for helping us out!!
Anne M. Burnsville, MN

Quick response time. Amazing staff that know what they are doing. Lots of great information about lice and how to get rid of them. They have a very nice selection of safe lice shampoo and sprays. #1 choice for lice removal!
Amber D. Becker, MN

Amazing staff! Takes fear away and calms the adult! Doesn’t over react to scare kids very calm and relaxing atmosphere! Great availability fast and efficient! Saves time and money! Won’t over charge understands this is a very scary ordeal. Highly recommend!
Jennifer C. Minneapolis, MN

I can’t believe you were able to take care of our daughters lice in one treatment. We have been treating at home for weeks and could not get rid of it. Should have just gone here first. We will if we ever get it back. Sandy W. Brainerd, MN.

Had three kids with lice and I had it too. We went to Slug Bug and they staffed up for us and had our whole family out of there in about two hours. Just got back from our 60 day lice check and STILL NO LICE YAY! Monica M. Alexandria, MN.

Our kids just got back from camp and we took them in to have their heads checked for lice. No lice found. I am beyond excited. Thanks Brandee for checking us out. Tiff A. Bloomington, MN.

We saw their sign on top of their building on our way to the cabin on hwy 169. It was like a sign from god! We made an appointment online from our phone. EASY! Mindy Z. Osseo, MN.

I see why this place is so busy, they are so good with people and helped our family get through it. I would have paid twice the price. Lynn S. Maple Lake, MN.

Thanks Marcella I don’t know how you got my daughter to sit so still and still have fun while there. You made my day. Thanks for all your help ladies. Stella M. Edina, MN.

Got my head checked and did not have lice! Thanks for the honesty. Michelle N. Blaine, MN.

Two of my sons had lice for two months, I tried everything to save money instead of having to go here. I ended up picking up the phone and bringing them to Slug Bug in Milaca, because I was stubborn and tried myself I spent more money on home treatments that did not work and two months of misery for our family. I went to Slug Bug and walked out two hours later with two lice free kids and the price was very reasonable. Ladies… Don’t be like me and try yourself, just bring them to Slug Bug 🙂 Lacey, Y. Bloomington, MN.

We live near Canada in Greenbush MN. We drove about 4 hours to get to Slug Bug. First impression when we walked in is holy cow those ladies are busy. I thought we were the only ones with lice. I felt so embarrassed that we had it. Now I see that we are not the only ones that had it. Me along with the other moms in there getting treatments made up lice jokes and had a great time while waiting. Slug Bug made this so easy and really unforgettable in a good way. Thanks Brandee, Sara, and Marcella. Katie H. Greenbush, MN.

So happy we drove to see you, 3 kids with lice, and with your rates, we saved a ton of money compared to what the closer lice places in the twin cities wanted to charge. We did the 60 day guarantee. The kids are now over 90 days with no lice and your tips were excellent. Highly recommend Slug Bug Lice Removal. Nancy Y. Brooklyn Center, MN.

Holy Cow, that was easy, go to Slug Bug. Tom A. Fridley, MN.

I got that letter all parents dread. SOMEONE IN YOUR CHILDS CLASS HAS HEADLICE. Yah you know the note. I made an appointment for my kids, Slug Bug checked them over and there was no lice. YAY. They even gave me tips to help keep it that way. So grateful and so inexpensive. Kim S. Stillwater MN.

We drove all the way from Fargo to get rid of our families lice problem. Slug Bug had the best prices, and a great guarantee. They really lived up to all the hype. Paul M. Fargo, ND

Got us in the same day, I don’t know how they do it, they are so busy but yet so professional. No complaints here and yes we are lice free now for over 6 months. Thank you Brandee and the girls!! Mavis B. Elk River, MN.

I brought my two daughters in to be checked for lice, we were sure that we had it. Turned out it was just dandruff. Slug Bug operates with honesty. Very pleased and if we ever need a head check again we will be back. Missy P. Buffalo, MN.

It was a great place, my boys are a bit of a handful. The staff was very good and I can not believe that my boys were like perfect angels sitting in the chairs while getting the lice taken out. Miracle workers is all I can say. Thank you. Mona W. Spring Lake Park, MN.

How lucky for us that Slug Bug is located in Milaca. We happen to live in Milaca. They have the best prices and a super good guarantee. If you have not been to slug bug and need to get rid of lice I don’t care where you live in Minnesota this is the place to go. Jenn J. Milaca, MN.

Both me and my daughter had lice, I would have never guessed I would have had it too. You should have seen all the stuff they took out of my hair. It was gross. They assured me that over 60% of moms usually end up having it too. At least I’m not the only one. They did such a good job we left a nice tip and left happy. Not really what I wanted to spend my money on but it was so worth it. Anita K. St. Michael, MN.

Our family drove all the way from Bloomington to Slug Bug. We had heard some great things about them and decided to drive right by the other places in the cities. Thought the drive would have been longer. We were there in no time. They were everything we had heard and more at Slug Bug. This mommy would love to drink some wine with those ladies. So much fun to talk with while we were there. Shirley H. Bloomington, Mn.

We invited the ladies from Slug Bug Lice Removal to come into our school and check all the kids for head lice. It was the best thing we ever did. Not only were we able to identify who had lice, but we were also able to let the parents know that their child did indeed have it. Many parents thanked us for having slug bug come into the school instead of having to bring them to the salon to be checked for lice. Slug Bug is helping us draft a school lice policy. We are very pleased. Jason T. Golden Valley, MN.

Our whole family had lice. We made the call to Slug Bug and they were able to get us in the next day. I was so embarrassed and did not want to tell anyone that we had been around that we had lice. Brandee made the calls for me and it was so professional. I didn’t lose a single friend because of it. If you want to be helped by true pros, slug bug lice removal is the place to go. Diane T. Monticello, MN.

I got Slug Bugs number from our neighbors, they had just been there to get rid of their lice. Took the fam in and got checked. Only our daughter had lice, she plays with the neighbor girl daily and just had a sleep over. They said it was a mild case and only took about an hour. At least now we won’t be passing it back and forth. Very nice place, and really easy to get to. Silvia M. Roseville, MN.

We drove from Shorewood to see the ladies at Slug Bug. They came highly recommended. Now I know why. Thank you soooo much. Trisha U. Shorewood, MN.

I am a single dad and I tried for a week at least to get rid of the lice in my girls hair. I am a patient man but I completely lost all of mine. I had been to the website when I first found out she had it. I wanted to try to save money and tried myself. Take it from me, after you figure in just the cost of the multiple boxes of treatments I tried and all the money I spent washing clothes, I would have been better off just making her an appointment that night online at Slug Bug. It was about $160 bucks to have her taken care of there. She has really long hair too. I spent about $400 between the laundry mat and the products from the store. I don’t know about you but $160 vrs $400…. Slug Bug is cheaper and I got to kick back and watch some tv and relax. If you are thinking about doing a treatment at home, take it from me, just call Slug Bug. Much Appreciated Brandee! William J. St. Louis Park, MN.

Went in with lice, left without it. Enough said! Shelly D. Medina, MN.

There was a lice outbreak at our daycare. Luckily our daycare provider called Slug Bug and had them come right to the daycare center and check everyone for lice. Because our child had it we were missing work because he could not go back to daycare with it. Slug Bug got us in at their salon that afternoon for a treatment and we were able to bring our son back to daycare the next day. Missing work was the hardest thing for us. We are a two income family and we need to be at work. I thanked our day care a million times for bringing slug bug in to identify the lice and who had it so we could get our lives back to normal. Slug Bug, thank god for you. Lisa I. Moundsview, MN.

If you live in the twin cities area and want professional service for less money than the places here you need to go to Slug Bug. We had been to one of the places in the metro last year and we decided to drive a bit because slug bug had lower prices, and offered a 60 day guarantee. The level of service we experienced at slug bug was far superior to the last place closer to home that we went to. Not only did they get rid of all the lice from our family but they saved us $100’s compared to what we spent before someplace else. We were a bit shy of having to take the drive to slug bug. I found out it was right on hwy 169 and easy to get to and to be honest I think I was able to get there in the same amount of time as going to the other place down here. NO TRAFFIC, smooth sailing, excellent staff, surprisingly beautiful salon. Hope we never need to see the girls at slug bug again, but if we ever get lice again we are heading there. Paula K. Arden Hills, MN.

I got lice from my grandkids I think. I had seen slug bug on a trip down to the mall of America as I was driving by and thought how odd is that, a lice place. Well here I am 4 months later and I had lice. I looked them up on my phone and called and talked to a polite lady who answered my questions and took my appointment down. I came with creepy crawlies, and left with a sore tummy from laughing so hard. These ladies are a ton of fun and did great work. My daughter is bringing in my grandkids tomorrow. Momma knows best! Laurie S. Grand Rapids, MN.

We had been dealing with lice on our daughter from over 3 months, we tried everything we could find online to do ourselves. We could not get rid of it. One trip to slug bug and they had our daughter lice free in about 2 and a half hours. You should have seen all the bugs and eggs they took off her head. I wish you could have seen the smile on my daughters face when she was done. That lice had her so down in the dumps, to see her brighten up immediately after her treatment, I would have paid a million dollars. Thank you so much Missy, you are an angel. Gloria L. New Hope, Mn.

We have had Slug Bug Lice removal meet us at our campground for the last two years every time we get in a new bunch of campers. Lice had been a huge problem for many years for our campers. Since we have had Slug Bug check our campers before they check in we have gone to zero issues with head lice. The price is reasonable and worth every penny. It makes our job so much easier. If you run a camp for kids, get these ladies on your side. Raymond V. Walker MN.

I got in the same day I called slug bug. I was able to bring our kids in after I got done with work because they do work some late nights during the week to accommodate working parents. The place was very nice, I was picturing a dirty dingy place. Not the case at all, this place is legit, clean, well decorated, and a place for the kiddies to play, and a very nice and comfortable waiting area. Oh yeah, they also remove lice! Stephanie R. Vadnais Heights, MN.

We have had a huge problem at our school this year. I don’t know how many lice letters we had got, but this time we actually had it. I took the advice of my sister who had been to slug bug before and went online and made an appointment. Everything went great and I am so happy I listened to my big sister. Shhh… don’t tell her that. Monica M. Princeton, MN.

My son had been itching his head like crazy and I looked up the symptoms online. It said he had lice or a bad case of dandruff. I about freaked the heck out when I looked and saw a bug crawling on his head. I found Slug bug online and called them instantly. I can’t believe how calming it was to talk to them. Got in the next morning and they had my son done in less than and hour. 60 day lice free guarantee…. uh yep for sure. Great place. Michelle O. St Michael MN.

Slug Bug oh Slug Bug, how much do we love you. Let us count the ways….. 1,000,000 ways. Thanks for helping us out. Sherry E. Clear Lake, MN.

We have an extended household, the kids are with their dad every other weekend. Slug Bug had helped to get the kids dad to come in and get checked to be sure that we did not keep passing lice around. I don’t know why my ex was so nice to Brandee when she called him and suggested he come in to be checked, if I would have told him he had to get checked for lice he would have bit my head off. You went up and beyond for me and I thank you. Tina M. Sartell, MN.

We were referred to Slug Bug lice removal by our friends who had been there. After researching different lice removal companies in the twin cities area, and comparing them to slug bug it was an easy decision to take the advice from my friend and head up to slug bug. Lower prices, 60 day guarantee, and lots of happy customers including my friend. Needless to say, I will be referring anyone that I hear of that is struggling with head lice right to slug bug. Jana D. Twin Cities Area Minnesota

Thanks for taking such good care of us girls. Best lice removal near me by far! Gina T. Anoka, MN.

When it comes to lice removal places in Minnesota, we have had to use services a few times over the last few years. We had our best experience at Slug Bug. Prices were unbeatable, and they offered a lice free guarantee that was better than most and matched the best guarantee out there for less money. If we get head lice again, we will be taking the 2 hour drive back to them. Marlene R. Paynesville, Minnesota

Thanks for having the best prices around. We drove from St Paul past many other places that do lice removal in MN. to have our head lice removed. Slug Bug took care of us all in one shot. Much appreciated. Nancy W. St Paul, Minnesota

Got my head checked for lice bugs and eggs, found out I didn’t even have it. Talk about great news. Only $20 WHOOT WHOOT. Mary S. Pierz, MN

I brought my three boys in that had been with a friend that had been treated at slug bug lice removal in Milaca. Thank god my friend told be about this place. The boys must have been passing it to each other. Got all three boys done for under $200 with the products I bought all together. I think we got by cheap for lice removal. If you have lice go to Slug Bug Lice Removal In MINNESOTA. Wanda S. , Zimmerman, MN.

There was a lice outbreak at our childs school. Slug Bug came in and helped check all the kids for lice at the school. We didn’t have lice in our family but it was sure nice to know for sure. If we ever do get it we will be going to Slug Bug Lice Removal for sure. What great people! Ramona Z. Otsego, MN

We were referred from a friend that had been to Slug Bug when they had head lice and lice eggs. Best advice I ever got. I had spent literally hundreds of dollars at home trying to get rid of head lice. One appointment at the slug bug lice removal salon and we were done. Much cheaper than I had already spent trying myself. If you have head lice pick up the phone and go see these ladies. True Pros. Kimberly I. Big Lake MN.

We choose Slug Bug Lice removal because of the head lice free guarantee that they offer. We had been dealing with this crap for what seemed like forever. They educated us, and helped us make calls to people that we had been around. They handled everything professionally and we actually all had fun while we were there. What fun ladies to chat up and the kids had plenty to do. Best Lice Removal Places in Minnesota goes to Slug Bug Lice Removal in Milaca. Jody R. Sartell Mn.

Thanks for getting rid of head lice fast. The Martin Family Oak Grove Mn.

If you have head lice, you won’t after you leave this place. OMG we love you. If you have headlice, think you have it, you got to go see Brandee and the girls. Two thumbs up. Gina A. Minneapolis MN.

We have had to use Slug Bug twice in the last two years. Great experience each time and each time we were lice free. Now if the darn schools in Minnesota would do something about it and send Slug Bug right to the schools to check for lice it would be great. Robert M. Cold Spring Minnesota