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Minnesota 90 day lice free guarantee

Minnesota’s Largest Professional Head Lice Removal Company.

This IS the place people from all over Minnesota Drive to end the battle with lice.  Yes, we are the ones everyone is talking about. Famous 90 Day Lice Free Guarantee, Thousands of Successful Head Lice Removals Performed, 100% Success Rate, Minnesota’s Largest Lice Removal Salon, LOWEST RATES IN MINNESOTA at only $59.95 per hour for a limited time.

The Natural Non-Toxic Slug Bug Approach To Lice Removal

The Staff at Slug Bug Lice Removal would like to thank you for visiting our website. Please take a minute to learn more about how with our help you can be lice free in as little as 45 minutes.  Start Winning the Battle Today.  It begins with a trip to see us in our salon.  It’s Quick, It’s Easy, and it is Awesome!

Call  320-983-5423   M-F 8am. to 8pm.  For Up To The Minute Lice Removal & Head Check For Lice Openings, or Book Online 24/7

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At Slug Bug Lice Removal, our approach to eliminating head lice is a proven “treat once, and recheck policy”.

We are certified in and use a natural and safe methodical strand by strand method for both lice and egg (nit) removal from the hair and scalp. Our techniques ensure all hair and areas of the scalp have been examined and that all evidence of lice is safely removed. From that point on we provide rechecks to ensure that no further infestation exists. All of the products we use and recommend are Naturally Safe and Non-Toxic.

Beyond that, at Slug Bug Lice Removal, we check all family members to rule them out as possible sources for ongoing exposure.

Your personal Slug Bugger will encourage you to openly communicate with your friends so that the cycle of lice ends.

Our in salon lice removal services are backed by our Famous Slug Bug 90 Day Lice Free Guarantee. >> Learn More

Our mission is to have you and your family members head lice free Today.

As a FREE BONUS, we include easy household cleaning instructions to Slug Those Bugs right out of your home.

Slug Bug Lice Removal strategically located our kid friendly salon in Milaca, Minnesota    to allow our services to be convenient to everyone in need in of head lice removal services in Minnesota and surrounding states.

So that is how we do things here at Slug Bug Lice Removal. We hope you have found this information on our professional approach to remove lice useful.

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact one of our Slug Buggers. M-F 8-8 For Up To The Minute Appointment Openings.

or Schedule online 24/7

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