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Minnesota 90 day lice free guarantee

Super Lice in Minnesota, MN.

Oh my gosh, did you hear the news?  Just when you thought things were going your way, we just got SUPER LICE in Minnesota.

Before you freak out,  the team at Slug Bug Lice Removal located in MN.  wants you to know that  our Professional Slug Buggers at our lice treatment salon will be able to have you lice free no problem.  EVEN THE SUPER LICE.   Now kick back, relax and read a little more about it.   We kill this super lice every day, and have been before you even ever heard of it!  Our lice removal methods are  Safe, but also Non Toxic, and Effective.  In Fact we are so good, even if you have Super Head Lice, you can still get our Famous 90 Day Lice Free Guarantee.

So what can you do?  The first thing to do is do not waste your money on over the counter  toxic lice removal kits or  prescriptions from your doctor to get rid of or to try to kill head lice.   These products are useless against the super lice.  These are the same lice removal / killing products that made the super lice what they are today.   You need to see a professional lice remover,  end of story, no other options.  #nomoresuperlice #lice #slugbugliceremoval #Minnesota #mn #callnow #bookonline

You may be asking yourself… What about all the products available online that are claiming to stop, kill or remove the super lice.  Guess what,  anyone can put a claim to something,  that does not mean that the claim is true.  Remember the olden days when “Snake Oil” salesman were relevant?  The internet just made them relevant again.  The only way to get rid of SUPER LICE is to manually remove them from each hair, and to also remove all those sticky, super tiny lice eggs from every hair as well.   You miss one bug, you miss one egg, and guess what,  you still have lice.

So how do I get rid or kill super lice?

Well you really can’t kill it unless you remove it from the head or hair that it is attached to.  This is why this new lice is being called “SUPER LICE”.  It can not be killed easily if at all using over the counter products, or prescriptions.  It is very difficult to get rid of them.  The thing is, once you have it, if you choose to go it alone,  you are in for a battle that you will find you can not win.

Our Slug Bug professionals in Minnesota have been removing regular lice and super lice for a long time, long before you even know about it,  and have the skills to get rid of your lice fast.    We will even teach you how to keep it away once we have you SUPER LICE FREE!

Can anyone help me if I get super lice?

Yes, help is out there.   Slug Bug Lice Removal located in MN has been winning the fight against super lice long before you ever heard of super head lice.  Our methodical methods remove all the super head lice from your head and hair.  We go through each strand of your hair on your head and scalp and remove both live super lice bugs and their eggs.   When you leave our lice treatment and removal salon in Minnesota, you will be completely free of head lice and nits (eggs).

The truth is…. Super Lice does not stand a chance against our Slug Buggers.  Slug Bug Lice Removal offers a 90 Day Lice Free Guarantee and this also covers “super lice”.

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