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Lice Removal in Minnesota | MN

Minnesota 90 day lice free guarantee

Lice Removal in Minnesota | MN

So you got yourself some lice,  Now what?  Well if you are located in Minnesota your in luck.   There is a “lice removal” salon in Minnesota that specializing in only one thing.  Yep you guessed it!  Lice removal.

Slug Bug Lice Removal’s methods are not only Safe, and Non-Toxic, but they are so successful at removing lice from your head and hair that they offer a Famous 90 Day Lice Free Guarantee with every in salon lice removal.

So how do they remove head lice bugs and eggs?

Each of the ladies at Slug Bug Lice Removal located in Milaca, Minnesota are specialists in removing head lice.   They will literally go over every strand of hair on your head, and remove all the lice bugs and the lice eggs (nits).

You may be wondering to your self,  that sounds easy,  why don’t I just do it my self?   The truth is, when it comes to lice removal, I would say 95% of the people that come into Slug Bug Lice Removal in Minnesota have tried to do it themselves.   The reason why they are not successful is because 99% of people have never seen lice bugs or lice eggs before.  They are not really sure what they are looking for.  They pour on the toxic chemicals that they buy in the drug store and follow the directions which really seem simple and easy.   So they go ahead and do it,  follow all the directions and think it is all done.  Well,  that chemical you just poured all over you head does not kill 100% of the lice,  and it does not kill 100% of the lice eggs.   If you miss taking one bug off, or miss one of the lice eggs on the hair shaft.  Guess what…..  Yep you still got lice.  That bug will lay more eggs,  that lice egg will hatch, and it starts all over again.   Many families have spent hundreds of dollars just on the over the counter lice removal treatments in a box, or doctors prescriptions.   Not only that the parents have missed countless hours or days pay from work, and the kids have not been to school or daycare.   It really adds up and it adds up to $1000’s of dollars of spent money and missed pay from work.    At Slug Bug Lice Removal in Minnesota, you can save that money and doe something fun.  On average a lice removal in our MN salon takes 2 hours.  Of course the time can vary to faster or longer depending on the length and thickness of hair, or the severity of the lice infestation.

Do you do Super Lice Removal at your MN Salon?

Slug Bug Lice removal Does SUPER LICE REMOVAL,  and yes we also offer our Famous 90 Day Lice Free Guarantee.

Your sure lucky you live in Minnesota and have a great place like Slug Bug to go for lice removal.  You can book your appointment online below.  What are you waiting for,  No More Lice,  No More Lice,  Sing it!   Book today and be Lice free!


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