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Get Educated about Lice

ALSO: See Photos, Pictures, and Images of Head Lice & Nits (eggs)

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The Facts of Lice

If you are reading this, you are probably worried that you or a family member may have head lice. Take a moment, take a deep breath, relax, and read some commonly asked questions that will help ease your mind. The staff at Slug Bug Lice Removal wants you to know that we are here to help. Come in and Leave Lice Free when one of our Slug Buggers remove all the lice and nits from your hair in one treatment . We stand behind our services with our Famous 90 Day Slug Bug Lice Free Guarantee.

We have laid out answers to the most Frequently asked questions  below to help you better understand lice,  treatment methods,  facts and myths, and much more.

head lice egg & nit pictures

See how Tiny these things really are.  We are Professionally  Trained and Certified in the Safe, Non-Toxic, Pesticide Free Methodical Methods of Head Lice Removal.

Can You Help Me?

Yes we can definitely help you.  Did you know over 90% of visitors to our website choose to     Book an Appointment      online or by phone and can usually come in the same day and leave LICE FREE.

We have a 100% success rate at removing lice and eggs.    Come into the comfort of our salon and have our professional Slug Buggers remove all  of Lice Bugs and Nits from your hair in one Non Toxic treatment.  On average a lice removal appointment takes 1.5 hours per treatment.   Appointments can be faster or take longer depending on the severity of the lice infestation.  (each case is unique)   Our treatments are Safe & Non-Toxic, and we have a 100% lice removal success rate at Slug Bug.

We even offer FREE re-treatments for re-infestations as part of our 90 Day Lice Free Guarantee if you happen to pick up lice again within 90 days of being treated at our salon.

Trust us,  your not the only person with lice.   Make your Appointment now and be lice free.

As a FREE BONUS, when you choose to have us remove your head lice,  we will provide you with easy household cleaning facts to make your home lice free in as little as 24 hours!

If you are thinking about cleaning……. Stop!  The time and money we are going to save you with our cleaning tips  may even cover the cost of your treatment.

Are you ready to have us  Slug The Bugs?  You and your family will be Lice Free  when you walk out the door at Slug Bug Lice Removal.  100% success rate.

lice images

what do head lice eggs look like

So What Exactly Is Head Lice?

Head lice… Well to keep it short and sweet, a single insect is called a Louse; yes it is really an insect and not really a bug. It just bugs the person that it lives on. They are a very small blood sucking insect that lives on the scalps of humans. The boring technical term for a head lice bug is Pediculus Humanus Capatis.

What Do Head Lice Look Like?

Head lice are very hard to see, but if you do see one, you will see that an adult has 6 legs, hey instead of trying to explain it, here are some photos of and Adult head lice, the image is magnified 100’s of times so you can really see what it looks like.

magnified image picture of head lice

Yes these are in your hair.  Want to get rid of head lice now…

What Are The Signs & Symptoms Of Having Head Lice?

Just saying the word lice can bring up an urge to itch and feel creepy crawlies in your hair. But in all seriousness, the most common symptoms are:

      • A feeling of something moving in your hair or a tickling feeling on your scalp
    • Itching of the scalp, caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of the head lice (not everyone is allergic)
    • Sores on the head or scalp normally found around the ears or back of neck from persistent itching. NOTE: These open sores can become infected

Where On The Head Are Lice Normally Found?

The most common place to find signs of a head lice infestation is on or near the scalp, behind the ears, and around your neckline area.

How Did We Get Head Lice?

How did you get it? The simple answer is most likely from close head to head contact with a person who had lice.

Why Did We Get Head Lice?

Why did you get it? We want you to know that it has nothing to do with cleanliness of a person or their environment, social status, or any other stigma that you may think of. A lice outbreak can happen to anyone so you need to stop worrying about why you got head lice.The truth is, Lice Happens.

Is my family the only one with head lice?

The word on the street is, and this is direct from the Center for Disease Control: “Reliable data on how many people get head lice each year in the United States are not available; however, an estimated 6 million to 12 million infestations occur each year in the United States among children 3 to 11 years of age. Some studies suggest that girls get head lice more often than boys, probably due to more frequent head-to-head contact.”Provided by the CDC

What Are The Ways To Get Head Lice?

The most common way is direct head to head contact with a person with it. However there are other less common ways which include: Wearing clothing such as hats, scarves, coats, uniforms etc. Using infested combs, brushes, and towels Lying on a bed, couch, pillow, carpet, or stuffed animal that was very recently used by a person who has head lice.

Are Head Lice A Health Hazard?

Other than being a major pain to deal with for families lice do not spread diseases. And our in salon Slug Bug Lice Removal Process can take that major pain and turn it into a major relief.

How Do You Find Out If You Really Have Head Lice?

In order to tell for sure that a person has lice, you need to look very closely through the hair with good lighting and visually look for Eggs, Nymphs, or Adult lice. Locating an adult or nymph can be very difficult since they quickly move out of the way of searching fingers. A lice infestation is normally diagnosed through a trained professional like our Slug Buggers or another trained individual who is very familiar with the parasite and the signs of an infestation. At Slug Bug Lice Removal we look for the tell tail signs of eggs or nits which are cemented to the hair shaft, and of course the actual sighting of a nymph or adult insect. If you are unsure if you have found a nit, eggs, nymph or adult lice or louse, take a good clear picture and email it to us and we will get back to you with our findings.

Do My Pets Have Head Lice?

Very good question. The answer is no way! They may have fleas but not lice. Don’t worry the lice we get cannot live on your pet. Your favorite stuffed animal… yes for a little while.

5 Quick Myths Squashed About Head Lice and Treatment.

      1. Head lice means you have poor hygiene. False. Lice actually prefer clean healthy hair. That should make you feel a little better!
    • Head lice can jump and fly. False. It takes head-to-head contact to get lice.
    • Over-the-counter products and sprays are completely safe. False. Most are toxic pesticides. Think about that “toxic pesticides” At Slug Bug Lice Removal we only use Safe Non Toxic, Natural Lice Removal Methods to eliminate lice from your head and home.
    • Once you have lice you’re less likely to catch it again. False. Actually, the opposite is true. Lice leave a scent that actually “calls” other lice telling them you are a good food source. Our removal process also includes a way to mask that scent! Additionally, often you return to the same group of friends where lice may still exists.  We will help to put a force field around your family. But please talk to your friends and family, don’t be embarrassed about it, get rid of it.
    • You can drown and wash away lice if you take a long shower and wash your hair repeatedly. False. Lice shut down for up to 2 hours and lock their claw-like legs onto the hair shaft, allowing them to hang on for dear life! So much for that long day at the beach.

If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at or look around the site some more and you just may find what you are looking for. We hope that you have found this information useful, and had most of your major questions answered. The team at Slug Bug Lice Removal would like to thank you for stopping by and learning the facts of lice.

We invite you to come in, and let us handle it.  It’s Easy, & It’s Guaranteed!

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