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Slug Bug Lice Removal:   Minnesota

Dear Guests,

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Brandee Kelash, and I am the founder & owner of Slug Bug Lice Removal which I am proud to say is now Minnesota’s Largest Professional Lice Removal Salon. I would like to extend a personal invitation to you right now to come visit us and allow us to help you.

I am a highly trained and certified professional lice removal expert & have been for many years now.  My wonderful staff and I have helped thousands of people just like you get rid of the lice once and for all.  Our proven process involves an all-natural non-toxic approach to lice and egg removal from hair.    We pioneered the 90 day lice free guarantee that has made us famous. Our services here at Slug Bug are often imitated, but never duplicated by our competitors.  My staff and I are always on the leading edge of new techniques to help bring costs down for you and your family.Book an Appointment

I wanted to find a centrally located space in Minnesota that would allow me to extend my expertise in lice removal services to everyone in Minnesota and the surrounding states.

The great news is I found the perfect facility just north of the twin cities metro in Milaca, Minnesota.

What does that mean to you…. It is now easier than ever to get to us in our new larger location.  There is really no traffic to deal with when you drive up from the twin cites, and the ride is smooth and fast.   Slug Bug Lice Removal is located right on US Hwy 169, and is an easy relaxing drive from anywhere that you may live in Minnesota or the surrounding states.

The Slug Bug MISSION

My #1 goal was to provide our Expert Lice Removal Services at the most affordable rates in Minnesota.   MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Our Lice Removal Rates: $59.95 per hour FOR A LIMITED TIME,   all the other lice removal salons around… $80-100 per hour.

Head Checks for Lice starting at only $15 each

I also sprinkled in a few things that I as a mother I would want if I was taking my child in to get head lice removed so I created a 90 Day Lice Free Guarantee which is  available to all our clients.  I also put together a family friendly environment with WIFI, a kids play area, comfy couches and chairs, a dining area with snacks and beverages.  I also had several TV’s with Netflix installed around the salon so you can sit back and enjoy a show while we slug the bugs.  I searched for and hired  really great friendly staff that share my vision and values and taught them everything I know.   I am proud to say I now work with the best ladies in the lice removal business every single day at Slug Bug.

Whether you are treated by me, or one of the other Slug Buggers here, you will experience the same expert results and leave here lice free.Book an Appointment

We are very proud to say that we have treated thousands of people not only from Minnesota and the surrounding states, but also helped many clients who have traveled a 1,000 plus miles and were successfully treated at Slug Bug.Book an Appointment


Did you know many head lice removal products on the market today are often ineffective and just plain old don’t work.  Many of these contain Pesticides that are highly toxic to humans.

OMG,  don’t even get me started on the internet remedies.   Don’t even bother wasting your time, or worse yet money on these online gimmicks.  If you already tried one, and your reading this,  you know all about it.  You still have lice don’t you?

Here in Minnesota we now have strain of SUPER LICE which are highly resistant to the over the counter products and the over the counter products are now ineffective.

SO NOW WHAT?….  The only way to get rid of super lice or any lice for that matter is to remove all the live lice bugs and all of their itsy bitsy eggs that are randomly stuck all over in your hair.  To make matters worse, the lice eggs are often camouflaged to match your hair color.   Guess What….. You miss an egg or two and you have a full blown case of lice again in a weeks time.   Miss a live lice bug or two and BOOM in 24 hours you have eggs all over the place again.  This process repeats and repeats and will not stop until everything is out,  and the good news is,  this is what we do at Slug Bug, we do it every day, and we are very good at it.Book an Appointment

The lice removal process we utilize at Slug Bug Lice Removal is safe, natural and non-toxic. It is safe and effective for every member of your family. Every Slug Bugger has been professionally trained by me in these methods and ensures that you leave our salon lice free.

Our methods are so effective in getting rid of lice that each treatment is backed by our Famous 90 Day Slug Bug Lice Free Guarantee.  >> Learn More

Plus as a FREE Bonus  with each treatment, we will provide you with the information and guidance to have your entire home lice free in as little as 24 hours with minimal effort.

Now that you have learned a bit more about me and our mission at Slug Bug Lice Removal,  give us a call 320-983-5423  M-F  8-8 for up to the minute appointment availability, or easily schedule online below.Book an Appointment

The Address to Slug Bug Lice Removal is:

Slug Bug Lice Removal
11255 US Highway 169
Milaca, MN 56353      >> Get Easy Directions

Email: info@slugbugliceremoval.com


Thanks for taking some time to learn a little more about us.



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