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What does Head Lice Look Like?

Head lice is one of those words that can immediately put you into an itchy fit.  We have gathered a few images of head lice to show you what they look like.  We will show you pictures of adult lice, as well as pictures of lice eggs, also called nits.

Magnified image so you can see it easier below.  Nits and Lice do vary in color and often change color to blend with the hair color!

head lice eggs and nits pictures

Lice can be extremely difficult to remove by someone who is untrained or has a lack of patience.   If you don’t get every single lice bug and egg removed…. Guess what….  You still have lice!  Because a lot of people are so creeped out by lice,  and it is so difficult to removal all evidence of head lice from hair, many choose to come into our professional lice removal salon and have us removal it all in one treatment.  We Guarantee that!

Slug Bug Lice Removal has been serving clients from all over Minnesota.  As the largest affordable lice removal company in Minnesota, you to can be lice free today.  We have a famous 60 Day Slug Bug Lice Free Guarantee and a 100% Success Rate.   We are a short drive from anywhere in MN.  Trust our customers,  the drive is worth it.

Head Checks, & Safe Non-Toxic Lice Removal for the entire family.

adult head lice picture

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