Minnesota 90 day lice free guarantee

Our Famous 90 Day Worry Free Lice Free Guarantee and it also covers “SUPER LICE” infestations!


Because our methods are so effective in the removal of head lice, The Slug Bug Salon offers you our

Famous 90 Day Slug Bug Lice Free Guarantee

Easy as 1, 2, 3

So what is required for the 90 Day Slug Bug Lice Free Guarantee?

It is really quite simple.

1: If evidence of head lice is found during a head check, you would need to be treated by one of our Professional Slug Buggers in the salon to remove all lice and nits.

2: All members that live in the household or in the cases of multiple or extended households, those household members would also need to have head checks within 24 hours. Any members of the household or extended household found with evidence of head lice would also need to be treated for full removal in our salon by one of our Professional Slug Buggers. Remember the goal is to be Lice Free.

3: If you have evidence of lice and we do a treatment, we will schedule  Re-checks. The first  paid Re-Check will be scheduled within the first 7 Days or less depending on the severity of the infestation. Your next paid Re-Check will be scheduled at or around 45 Days after the initial treatment.

*Re-checks are billed at normal head check rates

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In order to guarantee our services with our Famous 90 Day Slug Bug Lice Free Guarantee, these steps & the appointments for your  Head Check appointments must be kept. No Exceptions

You may be asking why rechecks?

The reason is because even though when you leave our salon you are lice and nit free, that doesn’t mean that you cannot be re-infested do to circumstances beyond your control. The lice came from somewhere, and if you are re-exposed to it without out knowing we want to be sure that as our client you are lice free for 90 days.

Hey Slug Buggers, What if I Still Have Evidence of Lice after a  Head Check?

If you have any evidence of lice after any of your  scheduled head checks, we will retreat you for FREE.  We guarantee you to be Lice Free for 90 days and we mean it.

And That Friends is our Famous Slug Bug  90 Day Lice Free Guarantee

As A FREE Bonus Bonus with our in salon removal service we will provide your with simple household cleaning tips that will leave your home lice free in as little as 24 hours!

For Up To The Minute Lice Removal or Head Check Openings, Call M-F 8-8 320-983-5423 or Simply Book Online 24/7
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