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Minnesota Lice Lady

Known around the state by her clients as the Minnesota Lice Lady,  Brandee and the staff at Slug Bug Lice Removal have helped countless families and individuals get rid of head lice in one safe, non-toxic lice treatment.   With one of the best lice free guarantee’s in the country, 60 Days to be exact,   clients can leave assured that they are lice free.

The Slug Bug Lice Removal Salon is a short  drive out of the twin cities metro area.   We located our salon where our lice ladies would be best placed to help our customers from all over the state of Minnesota and beyond.

If you know of anyone in Minnesota that has lice, send them directly to one of our Slug Buggers at the Slug Bug Lice Removal Salon in  Minnesota.

Slug Bug Lice Removal only uses safe, non-toxic treatments for lice.  Beyond that, we manually check your hair strand by strand for any evidence of head lice and remove it.   You will leave Lice Free!

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