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Minnesota 90 day lice free guarantee

The Staff at Slug Bug Lice removal have gotten a rather unique name as of late.  We are commonly called the Minnesota Lice Ladies because of the work we do in removing all evidence of head lice and eggs (nits) from our clients head and hair.

We don’t really mind the name at all, in fact being known in MN as the Minnesota Lice Ladies makes us proud that our customers have given us a title fitting to what we do!   It’s kinda like being called the lawn mower man,  the lunch lady or something like that, you get the idea.

Because we have clients that come to us from all over the state of Minnesota,   Slug Bug Lice Removal Salon is thy place to go to get rid of lice fast.   It is a quick bob and weave out of the twin cites metro to get to us,  and we are centrally located so our customers up North, out West, Down South, and over East can get to us quickly and easily.

We only use safe non-toxic lice removal treatments & methods in our salon.  We you leave, you will be lice free, in fact we are so confident in our services that we offer a guarantee!

If you are dealing with lice, or just think you have lice,  book online with one of our Minnesota Lice Ladies.

Lice is not nice, but the good news is…..  We are!

Cheers to being Lice Free…..  From the Minnesota Lice Ladies at Slug Bug Lice Removal located in Milaca Minnesota

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