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Oh Oh,  I know why you are looking for a lice removal company in Minnesota.    Don’t worry,  why do you think I decided to share my knowledge on a lice removal company in Minnesota.

When our family had lice, I was just like you.  I went online and started searching and searching and searching.  I researched different methods and tricks to get rid of lice,  I bought some online products that claimed to kill lice, and I think I even cried myself to sleep because I just could not get rid of the lice in my sons hair.

I decided that enough was enough,  I went looking for a lice removal company based in minnesota.  What did I have to loose, I already spent $471.69 on products and laundry and cleaning supplies and we still had lice.   I had to stay home for 3 days because I could not send my son to daycare,  they refused to let him come because he had lice.   I don’t make alot of money,  but that lost me around $350.00 in wages.     I found a few lice removal companies in Minnesota but one stood out from the rest.  It was Slug Bug Lice Removal.  They were located in Milaca, Minnesota, which was a bit of a drive from our home in Hastings.   The reason I decided to drive by the other lice removal companies that were in the twin cities metro area was first of all the price.  Slug Bug Lice Removal was $20.00 per hour less expensive then the others, and they had a rock solid written guarantee on their website letting me know that we could get a 60 Day Lice Free Guarantee.    I also was very impressed with the information that they had available on their website and when I called them to book my appointment they were very friendly.

So the next day I ventured up to Slug Bug and when I got there I was totally amazed by the place.  It is so neat inside there.  They have a waiting area with couches and tv’s,  They had an awesome play area for kids.  They had snacks, beverages, the whole ball of wax.  It was very inviting and homey feeling.  I forgot all about lice while I was there.

After my son’s treatment which took about 1 hour,  it was my turn to be checked for lice.   It didn’t take long and I was told that after all my hard work trying to get rid of lice on my son, that I was lice free and would not need to be treated.   What a relief!

I ended up owing about $80 after my son’s treatment and the products I purchased.  Not at all bad considering that I spent over $471.00 trying to do it myself, plus those missed days at work.  Even if they would have charged me $300.00 for my son’s treatment,  it would have been worth it to me after dealing with it on my own.

So I will leave you with this,  if you are thinking about it,  but are not sure where to go to get rid of lice.  Take my advice,  call the ladies at Slug Bug Lice Removal in Milaca Minnesota,  forget about the drive, forget about the lice, because when you leave, you will be lice free.  I would rank them as the #1 lice removal company in Minnesota.   I am sure you will to!

Written and Submitted for publishing by R.K.

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