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Lice Bug

What is a lice bug, what does it look like, do I have one, do my kids have one?

That is a great question.  Slug Bug Lice Removal in Minnesota would like to show you what a lice bug looks like.

This is a blown up picture of a “lice bug”

magnified image picture of head lice

Now image that…. the lice bugs do not always look transparent.  The beauty of a lice bug is that they are very good at using camouflage.  They can be lighter, or darker depending on how they need to blend in to be safe from you!   Below is a picture of a normal adult, nympth (baby) sized lice bug compared to a penny.  Yes a penny, and see how small that lice bug is!  Do you have the patience to get rid of every single one of these?  They are Tiiiiiiiny.

head lice egg & nit pictures

When you have lice, I won’t lie,  it is very very very hard to get rid of at home.  The main reason being is it takes a lot of time, and patience to get rid of all the lice bugs.  Just when you thing you are done,  you have to go back and get rid of all the lice bug eggs left behind by those sneaky devils.   You miss a bug, you miss an egg, and SURPRISE you get to do it all over again, again, and again.   The sad truth is that getting rid of lice at home is not easy.  It is time consuming, and frustrating to say the least.  Just so you know the SUPER LICE looks the same as any other lice, it’s just well….  Super I guess.  No Worries, we also get rid of super lice in our Minnesota Salon.

I want to offer you a simple solution.  The ladies at Slug Bug Lice Removal in Minnesota do this every day, all day.  This is all they do is help families like you get rid of lice, once and for all.  They are so good at what they do, that they offer their Famous 60 Day Lice Free Guarantee with all lice treatments in their MN Lice Removal Salon.   Their methodical methods remove every single lice bug and lice egg from every single inch of your scalp, and besides that, they go through every pretty little strand of hair on your head and removal all lice bugs and their eggs (nits) during your treatment.   I think this is the best part yet….  Their treatments for lice bugs and eggs is completely Safe, and Non-Toxic.   No chemicals.

If you have been struggling with getting rid of those pesky lice bugs, or don’t even want to begin to try, book an appointment online right now with one of the Minnesota lice ladies at Slug Bug Lice Removal.

We have helped 1000’s with a 100% Success Rate.  60 Day Guarantee.  Lowest Lice Removal Rates in Minnesota.

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Lice Bug

Say goodbye to that LICE BUG, and hello to your sanity!

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