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Lice Removal Secrets Revealed:

Learn The Real Way To Treat & Remove Lice and the things you should absolutely avoid

Because we are the head lice experts in Minnesota We are asked all the time,  how can I treat lice at home?

The good news is it can be done at home,  however the question lies in which way do you want to attempt it?   There are many different products on the market today claiming to 100% kill lice and their eggs.   That is a pretty bold claim to say the least.   I can tell you that we have had many, many MANY families come to us to have the head lice professionally removed after trying themselves to get rid of the head lice using those products.  They had wasted tons of money on the product alone, missed a lot of work, did a lot of laundry and cleaning, and spent hours and hours trying to get the 100% results that those products promised.    Bottom Line, Benjamin Franklin said it best….The only things that are certain in life are death and taxes.

Let’s Talk About The Internet’s Way To Get Rid Of Lice

Here is where the fun begins.  Do a search for home remedies or ways to remove lice.  You could spend hours and days looking at all the different things you could try.  They stem from the Oh, yeah,  that sounds like that could work, to the what in the world, who would even try that methods.   Lets look at the TOP 3 things our clients have tried after searching the internet.

3: Using Mayonnaise.    Well after reading this one, it sounds harmless enough.  You can eat it so at least it won’t kill you to put it on your head.  You might smell like a sandwich shop for a week or two but what the heck.   Let me point out the holes in this one…  Yes you can smoother a head lice bug and kill it.  They can hold their breath for over two hours so putting the mayo in the hair and waiting over night sounds like it should do the trick.  Yes any bug stuck in the mayo that can not free it’s self may die,  however what about all the bugs that make it to the surface and breath the air in the shower cap?   Oh…. Simply wash them out when you wash your hair.  WRONG.   Lice will hold on for dear life.  If they could be simply washed out,  they would have been gone the last time you washed your hair normally.   The second even bigger hole in this one is that the mayo will kill the lice eggs (nits).  How in the world do you think putting mayo on the lice egg could have any effect on it.  The only way to Kill a Lice egg is to Destroy it.   This one is BUSTED:  Mayonnaise on a sandwich YEP,  mayo to kill lice… NOPE.

2.  Listerine:    I don’t even want to waste my time writing about this one.  It’s made for your mouth,  not for your head, and is not made to kill lice, slow them down, or anything.  It is made to make your breath smell good and clean up your teeth.  Leave this one alone.

1.Commercially available Lice Removal Kits in Stores and Online:  Back when I was a kid, I remember mom going to the store and picking up these kits and bringing them home and dousing our heads with some smelly liquid in a bottle and sitting with a plastic cap on and feeling the burn.  Did it work…  Yep most of the time, usually we got multiple doses over the next few days.   My hair was nice and crispy and my scalp felt burnt…. but hey, the lice was gone.

That was over 30 years ago, and over time head lice has built up a resistance to these Toxic Chemical Pesticides found in these kits.   Therefore,  we now have what the media has termed Super Lice in Minnesota.  Head Lice is now extremely resistant  to these powerful pesticides.  Yes… I said it,  PESTICIDES.      Chances are you have tried these kits and now you are looking for a solution that will actually once and for all, get rid of lice.   Well keep reading,  I am going let you in on our secret to how we make you lice free.

SPECIAL HEALTHCARE NOTICE:  If your child is allergic to ragweed,  do not, I repeat do not even attempt to use these kits.   For example, if you have ragweed allergies, you should not use any product that contains permethrin (such as Nix) and pyrethrin (such as Rid).    At Slug Bug Lice Removal, all of the  treatments we perform are Non-Toxic, and safe for the whole family.

So What The Heck Is The Real Way To Treat Lice?

The proven, effective way to treat head lice is to manually remove the bugs and the eggs from your hair and scalp.   Yes it can be done at home.  Is it easy….. Not at all.   It takes a lot of patience, dedication, and follow through.  If you miss a bug, or miss eggs, guess what…. You got lice again.

If you are having trouble getting rid of the lice, you can always easily book an appointment with one of our Minnesota Head Lice Experts and they can remove all the lice bugs, and eggs from your head and hair in 1 non toxic treatment.  We will go over and examine each strand of hair on your head and be sure that all eggs and lice bugs are gone.  We have a 100% success rate, and back that up with a 60 Day Lice Free Guarantee.   We have successfully removed lice infestations from thousands of people.  We have the experience to get the job done the first time.    Slug Bug Lice Removal is the largest lice removal salon in Minnesota, and we also offer the lowest prices on lice removal.

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