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Happy New Year!    If your life is interrupted by a head lice infestation in 2018 rest assured that all the staff at Slug Bug Lice Removal are experts at removing headlice naturally and with a 100% success rate.    We do not use any toxic products.  We continue into 2018 as the largest lice removal salon in Minnesota. Slug Bug Lice Removal  offers  you the lowest hourly lice removal rates in Minnesota @  $69.95 per hour.    We  remove thousands of cases of head lice annually and save families money daily.   Oh….. and don’t forget our Famous 60 Day Lice Free Guarantee!

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Slug Bug Lice Removal  Minnesota


Lowest Hourly Rates in Minnesota, $69.95 Per Hour,   and a  60 Day Lice Free Guarantee.

Slug Bug makes Lice Removal Affordable for Minnesota Families.   Our experts have treated 1000’s and 1000’s of Minnesotans lice infestations with a 100% success rate.    We have the best lice removal rates because we are the largest lice removal salon in the state.   You can go to other lice treatment places and pay more,  but why in the world would you.  Thousands make the drive to Slug Bug because we are the best.   Your family deserves the best,  and we just also happen to save you money also 🙂

Our methodical techniques ensure all hair and areas of the scalp have been examined and that all evidence of lice is safely removed. From that point on we provide rechecks to ensure that no further re-infestation occurs from outside sources during our Famous 60 Day Lice Free Guarantee  . All of the products we use and recommend are Naturally Safe and Non-Toxic.   >>> Learn More

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Are you a do it yourselfer?   Here are a few quick tips from the lice removal experts at Slug Bug Lice Removal.   How To Treat & Remove Lice